Винодельческое поместье Шато-Ба (Château-Bas)

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The story of Château-Bas begins in the fourteenth century.

In 1595, Sir Bonnet, the lord of the place at the time, decides to settle in Château-Bas. It was a farm then, belonging to the castle of Aumelas, situated about half a mile away, on a hillside. The farm is mainly dedicated to pastoral activity, but also vinegrowing. The lord of Château-Bas undertakes to transform the building, and turns it into a lovely castle, with two round towers, and outbuildings. The d’Albenas family has owned the castle for several centuries.
As a remain of the religious wars, Château-Bas has been fully renovated, in tune with its rich history, so as to host your guests for your receptions in the best conditions.

Jean-Philippe and Geoffroy, the two sons of the family, have started up vinegrowing again, giving back to the domain its original activity. In 2001, they farm 42 acres of vineyards, AOC Côteaux du Languedoc. They choose to practise an environment-friendly agriculture. They restore the old plots, that lay fallow, to their former vocation. Tons of stones are removed by hand, to leave place to young vine-plants. And gradually, terraces are built on the slopes. This soil enjoys a very specific climate, that is ideal for an optimum maturation. The grapes are grown by hand, according to organic agriculture, in order to preserve the biodiversity within the vineyards.

Then, it’s time for the work in the cellar. A mix of passion and tradition. Old methods and modern processes go hand in hand, to provide a better aroma extraction from the grapes. This is how the distinctive scents of the surrounding garrigue, like pepper and cade, are brought out in the wine.

Les cuvées
Château Bas, The strength of the elegance
The Château Bas rouge
Atypical wine, ample and balanced, marked by a very nice amplitude.
The Château Bas rosé
Complex and concentraded wine, marked by very subtles tannins.
The Château Bas blanc
Wine with a complex flair, nice vivacity in mouth.
The Château Bas rouge "Égérie"
Expressive and intense wine aged 20 months in barrel.
The Big Bottles
Because the enthusiasts also like the beautiful bottles...
Barathym, The crisp of the fruit
Barathym AOC Coteaux du Languedoc
Wines produced from grapes grown on selected parcels Grés de Montpellier.
The Barathym Bax In Box
Wines produced from grapes grown on selected parcels of AOC Grés de Montpellier.


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