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У нас дуже широка гама напоїв з різних куточків світу.
На наших полицях представлено понад 18550 різновидів алкогольних напоїв від кращих украинских виробників з 24-х областей та АР Крим,
а також продукція більш як з 20-ти країн світу.
Ви можете на всі 100 відсотків бути впевненими, що придбаєте оригінальний товар від самого виробника.


National Specialized Permanent Fair Of Alcoholic Beverages

Firewater was sprinkled with the holy one in order to use it for benefit, and not for harm.

More than 18 550 titles of alcoholic beverages from the best enterprises of Ukraine and 20 countries of the world
Come to us, buy and use well!


The earth has the unique magnetic-biological, gravitation and other properties.
All of us know about them well, but we do not pay enough attention to them.
Water consumed by us includes vivifying energy of earth, and it differs depending on the area.

Healing properties of alcoholic beverages have been acknowledged since old times.
They includes many mineral substances, amino acids, vitamins, tanning substances, have antibacterial effect.
Alcohol in moderate quantity removes stress and tiredness, improves spirit,
strengthens protective functions of organism and facilitates withdrawal of radioactive strontium,
hard metals, free radicals, improves blood circulation, removes blood congestions in the vessels, especially in cortex.

Healing energy of the earth remains during production of alcoholic beverages and passes to this products.
Consuming them, we absorb energy of Earth, which influences our immune system on the deep high molecular level.

Depending on the strength alcohol strengthens and prolongs miraculous vivifying effect of this energy on human organism;
for instance, 40-proof beverage effects during 15 days, 10-proof - during 5 days.
But you should not prefer one or another drinks evaluating them according to your own organoleptic peculiarities,
advertisements, design of the bottle or label, effect of taste or flavor, which depend on our acidity or alcanity, state of mind, which varies constantly.
We should take care of our organism.
The man, taking into account the fact that his body consists of 90 percent of water, should consume 40 percent of alcohol from the area,
where he was born, and 60 percent – from other areas of our planet.
In our opinion, in case of consummation of alcoholic beverages according to such principle human life can be prolonged from 65-85 to 105-120 years.

How “SCALA” Wine Trade House differs from other enterprises selling alcoholic beverages?
We offer very wide palette of drinks from different areas of the world.
In our stores more than 18 550 types of alcoholic beverages from the best Ukrainian manufacturers from 24 regions and Autonomous Republic of Crimea,
and also the products from more than 20 countries of the world are represented. You may be sure for 100 percent that you will buy the original product from the manufacturer.

“SCALA” is the house of high spirit

On 850 meters of shelves you will find everything, with which Ukraine and the world are famous.

The guests of ‘SCALA” Trade House

B. A. Tsimeiko with Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of Republics of Argentina, Brazil and Cuba

People’s Artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko and Honored Artist of Ukraine Angela Verbytska

Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia in Ukraine Grygol Katamadze

B. A. Tsimeiko with Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Republic of Byelorussia in Ukraine V. V. Velychko

People’s Artist of Ukraine Ivan Popovych and People’s Deputy of Ukraine O. Rzhevskyi

Bogdan Andriyovych Tsimeiko,
a careful master of
“SCALA” Trade House,
heartily welcomes you
to make an individual special choice

From a bottle to consignment
you can buy Alcoholic Beverages of high-quality
In “SCALA” Trade House


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